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Liaison Program

The Liaison Program is an effort to improve communication between users and developers for the benefit of both. As developers, we need as much feedback as possible while working on the project and we recognize that users have requests for things like features, improved deployment options etc.

We have also found that teams of users usually find more interesting and extreme ways to deploy Arachni than individual users and it is important for us to get the project to a point of flexibility where it can accommodate most needs, even the crazy ones.

The way we decided to remedy the situation is to extend an open invitation to all teams out there which use Arachni to send a representative to be part of the Arachni project; that way, the team’s needs will directly reach Arachni’s development team and Arachni’s development team will have a steady stream of feedback.


The only requirement on your part is to provide us with a testimonial and permission to use your logo alongside it.

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If you are interested in joining the program please use the following form to let us know and we’ll go from there.

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