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New engine sitrep

UPDATE: The benchmark section has been updated, a new big optimization came to me and I wanted to share. 14/12/2017 Hello everyone, It’s been a while since my last post, where I mentioned working on a new engine, and now that the system is fairly solid I wanted to take …Read More

Arachni Framework v1.0.6 bugfix

Hello good people, There’s a new Framework bugfix release, v1.0.6. There are a lot of small fixes and cleanups but the most notable changes are about improvements and fixes to payloads for the following active checks: sql_injection — Slight payload update to catch double-quote cases. code_injection — Slight PHP payload …Read More

New executable: arachni_multi

Hello people, I’ve got a new feature to showcase for you today, well, more of a convenience than a feature, if I’m honest. Seeing as the project has lately been revolving around processes and Instances and combining them and spreading them around, and multi-Instance scans are the way forward, it’s …Read More