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Arachni 0.4.6-0.4.3 release

Hey folks, There’s a new release available with enough boons for everybody, the overall scent of which is one of performance, accuracy and optimization. Pretty much everything has been profiled and benchmarked and optimized to keep RAM, CPU utilization and bandwidth consumption low (numbers will follow shortly) while also improving …Read More

Arachni release

Hey folks, There’s a new release with a few useful improvements you may want to check out. The changes aren’t massive but result in non-negligible improvements in vulnerability identification. Also, the WebUI is still in v0.4.2, only the Framework has been updated. Optimized pattern matching to use less resources by …Read More

Arachni 0.4.4-0.4.2 release

Hey folks, There’s a new version out containing new security checks, accuracy and coverage improvements and bug fixes. Framework v0.4.4 Modules There are new passive (recon) and active (audit)  modules along with big coverage improvements for existing ones. Recon New X-Forwarded-For Access Restriction Bypass ( x_forwarded_for_access_restriction_bypass) Retries denied requests with a …Read More

Version 0.4.3 is out

Hello people, I’m pleased to announce the Framework v0.4.3 and WebUI v0.4.1 release of Arachni. There’s lots of new features and optimizations so let’s go through the most important ones real quick. Framework RPC YAML engine switched to Psych The YAML engine used for communication over RPC  has been changed …Read More

Release: v0.4.1.3

Hello people, I just released a new bugfix version and here’s the skinny: WebUI Updated Settings page to reflect the selected proxy type. Fixed bug when deleting reports which caused the last report to be removed. HTTP Response bodies only get repacked if the content-type is text-based to avoid corrupting …Read More

Release: v0.4.1.2

Hey folks, A couple of weeks have gone by since v0.4.1.1 was released and now it’s time to send v0.4.1.2 out with some more bugfixes. The ChangeLog is unimpressive but that doesn’t hurt anyone. :) HTTP Updated custom 404 detection algorithm to use less memory. cookie_string option is now decoded …Read More

v0.4.1 is out!

Hi folks, It’s been a long while but it is time at last for the new (v0.4.1) release of Arachni. I took my time with this one as there were a lot of things that needed to be done in order to ensure Arachni’s transition from an experimental toy to …Read More