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Release: v0.4.1.3

Hello people,

I just released a new bugfix version and here’s the skinny:

  • WebUI
    • Updated Settings page to reflect the selected proxy type.
    • Fixed bug when deleting reports which caused the last report to be removed.
  • HTTP
    • Response bodies only get repacked if the content-type is text-based to avoid corrupting binary bodies.
  • Spider
    • Updated to handle relative Location URLs in redirections
    • Fixed erroneous conditional causing redirects not to be followed under certain circumstances.
  • Reports
    • Metareport – Fixed nil error on no request params.
    • HTML – Updated to show a notice in the Summary tab when there are no issues.

As you can see there aren’t any big changes, just a few pesky bugs being taken care of.

As usual, you can grab the new packages from the latest page.


Tasos Laskos.

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About Tasos Laskos

CEO of Sarosys LLC, founder and lead developer of Arachni.

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