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Arachni Framework v1.0.1 & WebUI v0.5.2 bugfix release

Hello people,

A week after the big v1.0 release I’ve got a new one for you, taking care of some initial bugs. Thankfully, enough people jumped on it (with around 700 downloads in the first 5 days) so the common bugs were discovered and resolved quite quickly.

The most important bug fixes took place in the WebUI, which had:

  • A race condition affecting the state of newly started scans, sometimes marking them as done immediately after the start.
  • A bug causing scan options to not be formatted in a suitable manner for RPC transmission.
  • PostgreSQL incompatibilities causing failure to properly store scan reports.

There was also a bug in the Arachni::Reactor causing the loop to stop on exceptions, leading to RPC connections not being processed.

So, if you ran into any of the above don’t let that sour your experience with Arachni, links to fixed packages (and detailed change-logs) can be found at the Download page.

Should you come across any issues you just let me know and I’ll get them sorted.


Tasos Laskos.

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About Tasos Laskos

CEO of Sarosys LLC, founder and lead developer of Arachni.

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